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Download E-books Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the Sands PDF

  • Explore the lands of Osirion, Thuvia, and Qadira, historic countries with fierce traditions born from the center of substantial, cruel deserts. notice the methods of those proud peoples and the way to play natives of those shining lands, in addition to the original characteristics, feats, gear, magic, and extra that guarantee their survival opposed to thirst, vicious storms, historic monstrosities, and worse.
  • A excellent spouse to the Mummy’s masks experience Path!

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Download E-books Ends of Empire (Wraith the Oblivion) PDF

By Richard Dansky

Ends of Empire is the lovely 12 months of the Reckoning end to the epic Wraith: The Oblivion storyline. It includes a four-part experience that takes characters from the streets of Necropolis: London to the councils of Charon himself. additionally integrated is the entire "Guildbook: Mnemoi," plus an in-depth examine Ferrymen, a final look on the Jade Empire and the belief of the ongoing Wraith fiction storyline. The occasions of this e-book have direct influence on Hunter: The Reckoning, the 6th of the trendy Storyteller video games.

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Download E-books Greyhawk Ruins (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module WGR1) PDF

By Blake Mobley

Attempt your hand on the busiest dungeon ever created. There are greater than dozen degrees of horror and treasures. Run into brutal foes and achieve uncountable wealth - approximately 1,000 seperate room descriptions in all! Greyhawk Ruins is a whole advisor to the main recognized dungeon on the earth OF GREYHAWK crusade environment. All you would like is the complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 2d version role-playing online game, nerves of metal, and the get to the bottom of to problem the puzzles and powers the ruins need to provide! Greyhawk Ruins is designed for 5 to seven characters of degrees 2 to fifteen.

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Download E-books Kingdoms of Kalamar: Campaign Setting Sourcebook (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying) PDF

Kingdoms of Kalamar is a fully-detailed crusade surroundings to be used with Dungeons & Dragons.

This accomplished sourcebook presents a wealth of data at the international locations of Tellene, their background, their politics, and their humans. contains info of religions, languages, legislation, and all features of society.

Lavishly illustrated, together with a three' X four' map of Tellene.

This quantity comprises all of the details a GM must run an exhilarating, adventure-filled campaign.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Bestiary PDF

  • You can by no means have too many monsters! This sourcebook comprises forty six new monsters present in the interior Sea quarter — all invented particularly for the Pathfinder crusade Setting. a few, just like the gearsmen of Numeria or the moth-like big name monarchs who serve the goddess of goals, were pointed out repeatedly in Pathfinder crusade environment books, yet others just like the alien vespergaunt or Rahadoum's desert-dwelling whirlmaws have purely been obliquely illustrated or pointed out sooner than. and a few make their visual appeal for the 1st time in print! With monsters ranging in problem score from 0.5 (such because the capering monkey goblin or the enigmatic lashuntas) the entire approach as much as past CR 20 (including colossal spawn of Rovagug and 3 robust outsiders with sinister agendas for the interior Sea quarter, just like the exiled infernal duke Lorthact), besides 3 new huge templates (the unique mind-draining vetala vampire, the blighted fey of Fangwood, and the twisted mutants of the Mana Wastes), the internal Sea Bestiary is decided so as to add a number of recent favourite beasties to any Pathfinder game!

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Download E-books Champions of Ruin (Dungeon & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting) PDF

By Jeff Crook

Everything a participant must be aware of to play evil or morally ambiguous
characters within the Forgotten nation-states setting.

Champions of Ruin™ is a finished consultant to enjoying evil characters in
the Forgotten nation-states setting. Many features of play are coated: vengeance,
ambition, evil vs. evil, corruption and ethical failure, loyalty and betrayal.
The booklet additionally discusses different types of evil–lawful, chaotic, and neutral–as good as morally ambivalent characters comparable to anti-heroes and rogues. Elder evils of utmost strength are mentioned in addition to instruments, feats, spells, evil locations and
planar touchstones, and guilds and firms that evil characters can
join. new races also are introduced.

JEFF criminal has written novels for the Dragonlance® atmosphere, including
Dark Thane, The Rose and the Skull, and Conundrum.

WIL UPCHURCH is a full-time online game freelancer whose so much recent
work with Wizards of the Coast, Inc. contains Star Wars: final Adversaries™. His articles are available in Dragon® journal, Dungeon®
magazine,and different significant gaming magazines.

ERIC L. BOYD is a software program developer who has written widely approximately the
Forgotten geographical regions for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. His most modern credits
include Lost Empires of Faerûn™, Faiths & Pantheons™, Races of
™, and Serpent Kingdoms™.

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Download E-books Artisans Handbook *OP (Mage) PDF

Real Renaissance males, the excessive Artisans of the Daedalean league grasp the humanities of Shaping, Forces and Naming. Mingling the disciplines of artwork, mind's eye and actual craftsmanship with the mystick theories of Sacred Geometry and elemental correspondence, they type nice machines, incredible automobiles and awe-inspiring weaponry.

This ebook info Daedalean guilds and talents, politics one of the resorts, and the theories of the reasoning Arts. listed here are the excessive Magick machines and units that may flip da Vinci envious. and naturally, we need to comprise platforms and Storyteller tricks for all these mad innovations that cross awry.

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