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By Henri Ulrich

Cumulenes are natural molecules with or extra cumulative (consecutive) double bonds. Their reactions frequently continue at room temperature, without or with a catalyst, and are stereospecific, giving the response items in excessive yields – good points attribute of “click reactions”. 

Cumulenes in click on Reactions presents a finished record of cumulene structures and their reactions, with an emphasis on their “click-like” nature. The chapters are established in line with the variety of carbon atoms within the approach, together with assurance of:

  • introduction to the chemistry of cumulenes
  • one-carbon cumulenes: sulfines, sulfenes, thiocarbonyl S-imides, thiocarbonyl S-sulfides, and 1-aza-2-azoniaallene salts
  • two-carbon cumulenes: carbon oxides, carbon sulfides, carbon nitrides (isocyanates, isothiocyanates, and carbodiimides), phosphaallenes, and diarsaallenes
  • 1,2-dicarbon cumulenes: ketenes, thioketenes, ketenimines, 1-silaallenes, 1-phosphaallenes, and different steel allenes
  • 1,3-dicarbon cumulenes: thiocarbonyl S-ylides, 2-azaallenium salts, 1-oxa-3-azoniabutatriene salts, 1-thia-3-azoniabutatriene salts, and phosphorous ylides
  • 1,2,3-tricarbon cumulenes: allenes, butatrienes, greater cumulenes and heterobutatrienes
  • noncarbon cumulenes: azides, triazaallenium salts, sulfur oxides, sulfur nitrides, N-sulfinylamines, sulfurdiimides, and dithionitronium cation

Cumulenes in click on Reactionsis an important advisor for researchers and complicated scholars in academia and study operating in man made natural, inorganic and bioorganic chemistry.

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