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Download E-books Demon Queen's Enclave: Adventure P2 for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (D&D Adventure) PDF

By Chris Sims

A D&D experience for 14th-level characters.

In this experience, the heroes needs to resolve the plots of the vile minions of Lolth, the notorious Demon Queen of Spiders. alongside the way in which, they will face off opposed to drow, demons, and worse!

This event will be run as a stand-alone event or as half of a three-part sequence of adventures (starting with P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens) that spans 10 degrees of gameplay.

Demon Queen's Enclave is a D&D experience designed to take characters from 14th to seventeenth point.

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This signal identifies the adventurers as drow allies and gives you them a +4 bonus on international relations tests made opposed to drow unswerving to Matron Urlvrain. This bonus doesn't observe to any of the NPCs named during this part. target: Kill as many undead and demons as attainable. ability problem: Bluff (DC 20), international relations (DC 20), Dungeoneering (DC 25), Heal (DC 13), Intimidate (DC 25). The characters can use Heal to regard the drow’s wounds and Dungeoneering to illustrate their wisdom of the Underdark. distinct: if you happen to fairly just like the proposal of embroiling the adventurers within the drow paintings of politics and backstabbing, the fanglord can turn into a extra vital a part of the tale. Its identify is Ingarl, and it desires of toppling the drow and setting up a nation extra based on Lolth’s teachings. It perceives humanoid drow as impure, unworthy benefactors of Lolth’s advantages and gathers spiders and different creatures to assault the cost. Ingarl could strategy the adventurers with a proposal of alliance, in particular if Matron Urlvrain demonstrates weak point or seems to be in a delicate place. at least, the unexpected visual appeal of rampaging driders and spider monsters in Phaervorul can upload one other layer of complexity and hazard to the combination, specially if the adventurers are having too effortless a time at manipulating the drow. thirteen 300_21782740_002_Demon_32. indd thirteen 9/29/08 11:39:04 AM PLOTS, PERILS, AND SCHEMES Demon Queen’s Enclave is in contrast to many adventures in that a lot of its motion flows from the alternatives made by way of the characters and the selections you're making as DM whereas portraying the villains and NPCs. It’s thoroughly attainable for the adventurers to easily rampage in the course of the event, attacking every little thing on sight and treating Phaervorul as an immense, Underdark dungeon. in the event that your crew desires to do this, that’s an outstanding strategy to strategy this experience. in spite of the fact that, we’ve spent a few pages discussing the NPCs within the event, their plans and pursuits, and the way the adventurers can engage with them. You and your team are lacking out when you deal with Demon Queen’s Enclave as easily one more reason for hack-and-slash gaming. Juggling the pursuits of a handful of NPCs, choosing their activities, and developing the encounters (whether strive against or in a different way) that come up takes somewhat paintings. so much DMs purchase adventures accurately simply because they need to prevent such paintings. even if you're a time-pressed DM trying to decrease your workload, otherwise you easily wish a few principles to assist direct the journey, this part information a couple of attainable gambits, encounters, and stratagems hired via the drow. the trail to Betrayal Matron Urlvrain has no purpose of protecting up her finish of any cut price she moves with the adventurers. once she will betray them, she does so. even if, she balances this have to betray and eventually defeat the adventurers along with her wish to see Zirithian slain. until eventually Urlvrain has definitive facts that Zirithian has been destroyed, she refrains from a right away disagreement with the adventurers. listed here are a couple of traps she may lay alongside the way in which for the get together.

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