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Herein are featured six adventures initially awarded in Dungeon Adventures magazine:

Caermor via Nigel D. Findley: actual evil walks one of the villagers of Caermor. you want to discover the risk in time to avoid wasting the village from destruction.

The Moor-Tomb Map via Jon Bailey: A mysterious maps lead you into the perilous Willowmoors and, hopefully, the misplaced tomb of Dalavan Meir.

The Cauldron of lots via Willie Walsh: The king wishes it. the large has it. Do you have got the gall or the guile to take it?

King Oleg's hassle by means of Lee Sheppard: An alliance with the dwarves may clear up lots of King Oleg's difficulties, yet attaining the dwarves is less complicated acknowledged than done.

Encounter within the Wildwood by means of Willie Walsh: A trek during the wooden pits heroes opposed to a really substantial band of brigands.

Masqueraider by way of Randy Maxwell: trip to a haunted valley to discover the elusive marauder that threatens the city of Tyrluk.

Dungeons of depression is a suite of low-level adventures for the complicated Dungeons & Dragons online game. every one experience stands by myself, yet any of them might be inserted simply into an ongoing AD&D crusade. they could even be performed as follow-up adventures to these awarded in highway to risk, the 1st anthology of adventures taken from the pages of Dungeon Adventures.

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