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By Viacheslav A. Petrov

A thorough survey of artificial tools, chemistry, and purposes of significant periods of fluorinated heterocycles

Merging natural, heterocyclic, and fluoroorganic chemistry, fluorinated heterocyclic compounds have distinctively fascinating homes compatible to be used in prescription drugs and agrichemicals, particularly their skill to penetrate the mobile membrane barrier for drug absorption. delivering a wanted assessment of this fairly new addition to the heterocyclic family members, this crucial reference offers the newest state of the art details on key program components inside fluorine chemistry.

With contributions from specialists from either and academia, the publication covers the chemistry, synthesis, and purposes of fluorinated heterocycles with chapters on:

  1. Three-, four-, five-, six-, and 7-membered fluorine-containing heterocycles

  2. Fluorinated nucleosides

  3. Fluorointermediates

  4. Applications of fluorinated heterocycles in agricultural products

  5. Pharmaceuticals containing fluorinated heterocycles

  6. Technical functions of fluorinated heterocycles

Written by way of a workforce of world-recognized specialists within the region of natural and business chemistry of fluorine, Fluorinated Heterocyclic Compounds: Synthesis, Chemistry, and Applications will end up worthwhile to either scholars and researchers from academia and looking extra wisdom of the substitute equipment, chemistry, and functions of significant sessions of fluorinated heterocycles.

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