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Download E-books Interface Zero 2.0 (Savage Worlds, GGPIZ201) PDF

By David Jarvis

Complete steel CYBERPUNK! In a not-so-distant destiny, the area has been ravaged via worldwide warming, subjected to the horrors of nuclear battle and common catastrophe, witnessed the cave in of the mightiest kingdom within the historical past of the realm, and the increase of alternative international locations to take its position. In East Asia, the endure and the Dragon conflict for regulate of the resource-rich continent, and an emergent A.I. recognized simply as Charon has destabilized the entire of Europe, sparking revolution and chaos no longer obvious because the moment global warfare. at the North American continent, the chance of clash once more rears its grotesque head as terrorist bombings in Atlantica, deliver the state to the edge of warfare with the North American Coalition. is that this the paintings of Charon, besides, or are different forces relocating behind the curtain? merely time will inform. technological know-how has hacked the genome, unlocking the secrets and techniques of DNA to facilitate the construction of recent breeds of human; genetic hybrids, human 2.0, or even simulacrum- a slave race grown in amniotic vats and offered at the open marketplace. Cybernetic know-how has reached the purpose the place people with the cash and the need to take action, can develop into residing machines. machine technological know-how has grown by means of leaps and limits besides. Dubbed Interface 0 by way of those that created it, the Tendril entry Processor-or TAP-downloads the worldwide DataNet and Hyper fact without delay into the minds of billions of clients around the sun process, bringing the area an extraordinary point of interconnectivity, and probability. Malware plagues the Deep, and hackers control the Tendril entry Processor to add malicious virii, thieve secrets and techniques, or even the identities of the unwary. this is often the realm in 2090, omae; let's wish you live to tell the tale it. Interface 0 2.0 is a cyberpunk online game powered by way of the Savage Worlds online game approach. Play bioroids, full-metal cyborgs, vat-grown simulacra, genetic hybrids, Human 2.0, or even androids! Hack the area round you with our revised hacking principles, or take keep an eye on of a drone and lay down a few fire-support on your crew! Get cybered with new cybernetics utilizing our quickly livid and enjoyable ideas! Interface 0 2.0 is created by way of Peter J Wacks, David Jarvis, Hal Maclean, Matt Conklin jr. and Patrick Smith

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