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Download E-books Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 (Learning Php, Mysql, Javascript, Css & Html5) PDF

By Robin Nixon

The totally revised, up to date and prolonged 4th variation of the highly renowned internet improvement ebook - comprises CSS, HTML5, jQuery and the mysqli extension.

Build interactive, data-driven web pages with the powerful blend of open-source applied sciences and net criteria, no matter if you simply have uncomplicated HTML wisdom. With this renowned hands-on advisor, you will take on dynamic internet programming with assistance from modern day center applied sciences: personal home page, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5.
Explore each one know-how individually, find out how to use them jointly, and choose up necessary internet programming practices alongside the best way. on the finish of the booklet, you will placed every little thing jointly to construct an absolutely practical social networking web site, utilizing XAMPP or any improvement stack of your choice.

  • Learn Hypertext Preprocessor in-depth, besides the fundamentals of object-oriented programming
  • Explore MySQL, from database constitution to advanced queries
  • Use the mysqli Extension, PHP's enhanced MySQL interface
  • Create dynamic personal home page websites that tailor themselves to the user
  • Manage cookies and periods, and keep a excessive point of security
  • Master the JavaScript language--and improve it with jQuery
  • Use Ajax demands heritage browser/server communication
  • Acquire CSS2 & CSS3 talents for professionally styling your net pages
  • Implement all of the new HTML5 beneficial properties, together with geolocation, audio, video, and the canvas

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Read or Download Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 (Learning Php, Mysql, Javascript, Css & Html5) PDF

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Administering SQL Server 7

Supplying details for database directors and alertness builders, this ebook is a step by step advisor to studying program improvement and method administration with SQL, writing effective SQL code, and fine-tuning server functionality. The CD-ROM comprises an review replica of SQL Server 7.

Oracle Database 11g SQL (Oracle Press)

Write strong SQL statements and PL/SQL programsLearn to entry Oracle databases via SQL statements and build PL/SQL courses with tips from Oracle specialist, Jason fee. released by means of Oracle Press, Oracle Database 11g SQL explains the right way to retrieve and adjust database info, use SQL Plus and SQL Developer, paintings with database gadgets, write PL/SQL courses, and masses extra.

A Guide to SQL Standard (4th Edition)

The former variation of this e-book verified itself because the such a lot whole and comprehensible therapy of the SQL usual in most cases to be had. Many alterations have happened within the SQL criteria global considering the fact that that variation used to be released, even if: a tremendous new part, the Call-Level Interface (SQL/CLI), used to be extra in 1995.

NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence

The necessity to deal with more and more higher facts volumes is one issue riding the adoption of a brand new category of nonrelational “NoSQL” databases. Advocates of NoSQL databases declare they are often used to construct structures which are extra performant, scale higher, and are more uncomplicated to software.   NoSQL Distilled is a concise yet thorough advent to this quickly rising know-how.

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Comparability None ! Logical now not correct ~ Bitwise no longer correct ++ -- Increment and decrement correct (int) solid to an integer correct (double) (float) (real) forged to a floating-point quantity correct (string) forged to a string correct (array) forged to an array correct (object) forged to an item correct @ Inhibit blunders reporting correct = += -= *= /= task correct . = percent= &= |= ^= <<= >>= project correct + Addition and unary plus Left - Subtraction and negation Left * Multiplication Left / department Left % Modulus Left . String concatenation Left << >> & ^ | Bitwise Left ? : Ternary Left || && and or xor Logical Left , Separator Left for instance, let’s seriously look into the task operator in Example 4-11, the place 3 variables are ready to the worth zero. instance 4-11. A multiple-assignment assertion This a number of task is feasible provided that the rightmost a part of the expression is evaluated first, after which processing maintains in a right-to-left course. observe As a newbie to Hypertext Preprocessor, you'll want to stay away from the aptitude pitfalls of operator associativity through regularly nesting your subexpressions inside parentheses to strength the order of assessment. this can additionally support different programmers who can have to take care of your code to appreciate what's taking place. Relational Operators Relational operators try out operands and go back a Boolean results of both precise or fake. There are 3 forms of relational operators: equality, comparability, and logical. Equality As we’ve already encountered once or twice during this bankruptcy, the equality operator is == (two equals signs). it will be significant to not confuse it with the = (single equals signal) task operator. In Example 4-12, the 1st assertion assigns a price and the second one checks it for equality. instance 4-12. Assigning a price and trying out for equality As you notice, via returning both real or fake, the equality operator allows you to attempt for stipulations utilizing, for instance, an if assertion. yet that’s now not the total tale, simply because personal home page is a loosely typed language. If the 2 operands of an equality expression are of alternative kinds, personal home page will convert them to no matter what style makes the easiest feel to it. for instance, any strings composed completely of numbers can be switched over to numbers every time in comparison with a host. In Example 4-13, $a and $b are varied strings, and we might as a result anticipate neither of the if statements to output a outcome. instance 4-13. The equality and identification operators although, for those who run the instance, you can find it outputs the number one, because of this the 1st if assertion evaluated to real. it is because either strings have been first switched over to numbers, and one thousand is identical numerical worth as +1000. against this, the second one if assertion makes use of the identification operator—three equals indicators in a row—which prevents personal home page from immediately changing kinds.

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