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A consultant to the Viziers of production

talented with energy by way of the 5 Maidens, the Sidereal Exalted have been as soon as the relied on advisors to the previous Realm’s sun masters. even though, believing the Curse-maddened Lawgivers’ irredeemable and unshakably confident of their ethical responsibility, the selected of the Maidens persuaded the Dragon-Blooded to get up and slaughter their masters in an effort to finish the Solars’ depredations. on the grounds that that point, the Sidereals have motivated occasions behind the curtain so one can defend construction from its myriad of enemies. yet with the go back of the Solars, the arrival of the deathknights, the Dragon-Blooded Realm nearing civil struggle, the tribes of the Lunars threatening warfare and the reasonable folks massing for one more attack at the formed international, will the Fivefold Fellowship win the day or will its many sacrifices were for naught?

a personality sourcebook for Exalted®, moment variation, that includes:

• information of the Five-Score Fellowship, its targets and its factions
• every thing avid gamers and Storytellers have to generate Sidereal Exalted characters
• The secrets and techniques of Sidereal astrology published

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