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Welcome to Mars! now not Mars because it is - airless, probably useless, with in basic terms the faintest tricks of what may have as soon as been a humid, if now not inevitably lush and residing, global billions of years some time past. No, this is often Mars appropriately and because it used to be speculated to be - an old, loss of life, yet now not but useless international, a global the place an enormous canal community reaches from pole to pole, bringing water and lifestyles to big and extraordinary towns. A Mars the place albino apes run an unlimited empire within the final surviving jungle, a global the place warrior tribes of eco-friendly Martians raid the outlying towns of the canal dwellers, an international the place, in locations darkish and quiet and forgotten underneath the outside, historical and bad intellects plan darkish and dire deeds. it's a Mars of sky-corsairs, of duels with blade and blaster, of vile plots, remarkable innovations, bold rescues, area battles, and astonishing stunts. it's a Mars the place old towns may be chanced on and their misplaced treasures plundered, a Mars the place a trek around the dry sea bottoms can yield remarkable discoveries, the place negative monsters roam the rocky wastes. it's the Mars of pulp fiction and Saturday morning serials. it's now yours. The Sword-and-Planet style involves Savage Worlds! Adamant Entertainment's surroundings of motion, intrigue and event underneath the Moons of Mars -- formerly basically to be had for d20 - is now on hand in a brand-new variation for Savage Worlds.

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