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  • You can by no means have too many monsters! This sourcebook comprises forty six new monsters present in the interior Sea quarter — all invented particularly for the Pathfinder crusade Setting. a few, just like the gearsmen of Numeria or the moth-like big name monarchs who serve the goddess of goals, were pointed out repeatedly in Pathfinder crusade environment books, yet others just like the alien vespergaunt or Rahadoum's desert-dwelling whirlmaws have purely been obliquely illustrated or pointed out sooner than. and a few make their visual appeal for the 1st time in print! With monsters ranging in problem score from 0.5 (such because the capering monkey goblin or the enigmatic lashuntas) the entire approach as much as past CR 20 (including colossal spawn of Rovagug and 3 robust outsiders with sinister agendas for the interior Sea quarter, just like the exiled infernal duke Lorthact), besides 3 new huge templates (the unique mind-draining vetala vampire, the blighted fey of Fangwood, and the twisted mutants of the Mana Wastes), the internal Sea Bestiary is decided so as to add a number of recent favourite beasties to any Pathfinder game!

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Records Str 10, Dex u, Con 18, l nt 15 , Wis 19, Cha sixteen Base Atk +s; C M B +s; C M D 15 Feats Al ertness, I m p roved I n itiative, I ro n Wi l l talents B l uff +11, C l i m b + eight , D i p l o m acy +11, l< n owledge (history, p l a n es, rel i gion) +10, notion +14, experience M otive +14, Stealth +8 Languages Abyssal, Celestia l , universal, I nfernal SQ spi rit to uch, transformation ECOLOGY surroundings a long island (the Boneyard) association solitary, p a i r, or l i b ra ry (3-12) Treasure sta n d a rd distinct talents Censor (Su) A viduus that stri kes a livi n g creatu re with its q u i l l can rewrite that creatu re's m e m o ries. The creature m ust be triumphant at a DC 15 Wi l l store or have its stories affected i n a m a n n e r s i m i l a r to the s p e l l alter reminiscence. The viduus can rewrite 1 day's worthy of the ta rget's m e m o ries with a s i n g l e stri ke. As a resu lt, the creatu re is both stu nned or pressured fo r the following 1d4 ro u n d s (so% cha nce o f either). A t the G M 's discretio n , t h i s m i ght h ave l o nger-term results. A creatu re's thoughts should be restored through lesser recovery, regulate reminiscence, or s i m i l a r s p ells . M e m o ries misplaced i n this m a n n e r a re copied i nto o n e of the n u m ero us safe through the viduus. this can be a m i nd-affecti n g impact. The DC is air of mystery- established. _1�§� Viduuses occupy the libraries and scriptoriums situated atop Pharasma's spire. whereas lesser psychopomps checklist each soul's demise and supreme destiny upon the planes , viduuses have an interest in additional awesome souls-their lives, deeds, deaths, and secrets and techniques. lifestyles holds many mysteries, and people mortals who had brushes with the extreme have their stories and confessions recorded through those semi­ cocooned students and additional to the volumes of the Boneyard's expansive library, often called of final Days. even supposing pretentious within the severe, viduuses end up fairly familiar with many old and planar secrets and techniques, and what they do not know they typically have a good proposal of the way to analyze, possibly summoning assistants from throughout /#� PATHFINDER crusade �ETTINfi: internal 5EA BESTIARY �OBOT items of expertise complex some distance past even these of the gunsmiths of Alkenstar, robots signify constructs lively by means of engineering and complicated technology instead of magic. the folks of Golarion ponder robots as "automatons" or "metal men"-their right nomenclature is understood to just a couple of. the 1st robots arrived untold years in the past, while a boat from past the celebs smashed into Golarion. The steel vessel entered the ambience in a blaze of fireplace and broke aside, scattering fragments around the plains ofNumeria. Over the next centuries, numerous types of robots emerged or have been recovered from a few ofthese ruins. a couple of nonetheless persist with the alien dictates in their unique programming, whereas others run amok, their directives corrupted or forgotten. possibly the best-known robots are the fabled gearsmen, a veritable military of humanoid robots stumbled on saved and anticipating orders in an immense carry in Silver Mount.

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