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  • The city-state of Korvosa, greatest in all Varisia, has prospered over the past century on the grounds that its abandonment by means of its founding country of Cheliax. Its port brims with black-and-red-flagged ships — the colours of either Korvosa and Cheliax — forever buying and selling fineries from the south for Varisian curiosities and her land’s average bounty. As such, Korvosa rightfully claims to be the main cultured and civilized urban within the zone, but viewers may also supply the city-state the titles of so much decadent, exploitative, and socially stratified. This ebook serves as an exhaustive consultant to town, together with information on all significant sights, profiles at the city’s movers and shakers, and numerous experience hooks for enterprising GMs to extend upon.

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Marbledome: This glowing f ixture is domestic to Korvosa’s opera corporation. Owned via residence Jeggare yet controlled through the tyrannical Touran Palastus (known extra for his mood than his managerial talent), the opera corporation produces mediocre performances that bleed gold. apartment Jeggare considers a functionality that breaks even a convincing good fortune. Performers right here obtain terrible pay and poorer remedy, they usually speedy lose their love for the humanities. Many go away the town for far-off Magnimar or Sandpoint, looking larger remedy even on the rate of status. in recent years, Touran’s near-sadistic bile-spewing outbursts and abuses became milder and no more common. a few wonder whether he has very likely discovered love. Others extra cynically imagine an habit to pesh. H12. Kendall Amphitheater: Korvosa’s proximity to the ocean and its vast and recognized Vaults make sinkholes a comparatively universal phenomena within the urban. For the main half, those sinkholes degree not more than a couple of ft in diameter, prime the church of Abadar to ship out crews of volunteers to patch up the streets or f looring. sometimes, although, those sinkholes extend to up to a dozen ft or extra in diameter. The open-air sea cave below the luxury and Turtle (entry N10) resulted from one such cave in. In 4579, the most important recorded sinkhole in Korvosa’s heritage spread out simply north of the Pillar Wall. Engulf ing a space approximately three hundred toes in diameter, this enormous gap thankfully swallowed just a couple of structures (thanks to it happening in a comparatively unpopulated a part of the city). regrettably for town, the sinkhole didn't happen clearly, and for the 1st time the folk of Korvosa got here in touch with ankhegs that proceed to every so often plague the town. thoroughly unprepared for something like ankhegs, the town fell right into a panic. Desna’s sturdy good fortune shined on Korvosa, although, because the Scions of Puris—an adventuring band of a few reputation on the time—happened to be within sight. with out hesitation, the Scions of Puris delved into the sinkhole and, over the process a number of days, cleared it of ankheg chance. once they emerged the ultimate time, although, they introduced out their liked chief, Mina Kendall, in a blood-stained bag. along side the church of Abadar, dwarves from Janderhoff got here down and stabilized the floor round the sinkhole. They equipped a chain of assisting partitions with slim doors that allowed entry to the newly found Vault past, permitting extra development close to the outlet. 3 years later, the Scions of Puris again to Korvosa to witness the grand beginning of a major open-air auditorium town named after their cherished former chief. this day, Kendall Amphitheater in part hangs suspended above the sinkhole’s commencing. a sophisticated sequence of arches and pillars holds it aloft, whereas hid units of stairs let descent into the big Vault underneath it. lots of the bowl that varieties the seating quarter for Kendall Amphitheater contains conscientiously smoothed 2 Seer of Pharasma the 1st baby conceived and born in fortress Korvosa, Alika Epakena (4408–4429) additionally bears contrast because the first individual of Varisian blood to obtain citizenship within the Empire of Cheliax (awarded posthumously).

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