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  • Delve into the deep secrets and techniques of the Darklands, a subterranean realm frequented by way of darkish elves, shadow dragons, and worse!
  • This accomplished sourcebook presents an outline of the cavernous geographical regions less than the skin of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade surroundings. special cultural summaries of Darklands creatures similar to drow, derro, troglodytes, and worse praise a variety of latest monsters from the darkish corners of the earth.
  • A appealing poster map finds never-before-seen info of the sizeable chambers and treacherous passage networks deep less than the skin of the world.

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Teleportation spells functionality poorly in components the place blightburn is present—in order to effectively forged the sort of spell in a cavern that has blightburn crystals in its partitions or teleport to one of these position, a spellcaster needs to be triumphant on a DC 30 caster point cost. Lazurite (CR 1): Lazurite is the decayed kind of a few some distance older radioactive fabric that not exists within the Darklands. The ore seems as a skinny, crumbling, black crust the place it really is uncovered in rock beds. Lazurite is related to be the remnant of a lifeless god, and its basically recognized resource is located in marrowstone veins of Sekamina. notwithstanding no longer openly damaging, lazurite is linked to the spontaneous production of undead— fairly ghouls and ghasts. Lazurite exudes a paranormal radiation that offers off a robust air of mystery of necromancy. Any rather intact corpse left inside 30 toes of a deposit of lazurite for twenty-four hours has a 50% likelihood to spontaneously upward push as a free-willed ghoul (often with classification degrees equivalent to what it had in life). Undead creatures in the quarter of impact of Lazurite radiation achieve +4 flip resistance. Lazurite is notoriously tricky to mine, and has now not but been successfully recovered and transported to a different situation whereas maintaining its efficiency. Water a variety of subteranean waterways path in the course of the Darklands, alongside tunnels that mimic the 3 different types defined on pages 10–11. nearly all of those Exploring the Darklands underground rivers have very little headroom and can't be navigated comfortably via air-breathing creatures. those rivers empty into huge underground lakes or seas, generally in Sekamina or deep in Orv, which homes a big underground ocean referred to as the Sightless Sea. while rivers and lakes quite often pose little extra hazard than as a barrier for air-breathing creatures touring during the Darklands, f lash f loods pose a truly actual possibility. Flash Flood (CR 4): Tremors that open fissures into sea beds, partitions that fall apart after a long time of abrasion, and cave-ins that divert the f low of subterranean rivers are all universal motives of Darklands f lash f loods. A f lash f lood hurtles down passageways at a velocity of 60 toes. , sweeping away every little thing in its course. A creature can become aware of the onset of a f lash f lood with a DC 20 pay attention check—success delivers a creature 2d6 rounds to organize. the 1st signal of a f lash f lood is a rumbling and a surprising f low of river alongside the floor; the wall of water that follows such an occasion arrives fast, amazing purely 1d4 rounds later. A creature struck by way of a f lash f lood is straight away subjected to a bull rush (+20 at the check), with a profitable bull rush indicating that the creature is swept away. Creatures carried alongside by way of a f lash f lood take 2d6 issues of wear and tear consistent with around from buffeting (Ref lex DC 12 negates) and, in the event that they are air-breathers, they have to carry their breath or start to drown. Swim tests are attainable in a f lash f lood, however the water is taken care of as stormy, requiring a DC 20 Swim money to navigate. so much f lash f loods final for under 3d6 mins ahead of the speeding water explanations a cave-in or comparable cave in additional upstream that at last stops the f low, yet 10% of Darklands f lash f loods characterize longf lowing occasions that may final for days.

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