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Elves have consistently been one of the most well-liked participant personality races. Pathfinder spouse: Elves of Golarion presents a entire evaluation of elven societies within the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade atmosphere. From the seat of elven energy in Kyonin, to the mysterious boatmen of the Mordant Spire, to the secrets and techniques of the Sovyrian Stone, this Pathfinder spouse installment presents gamers and video game Masters the instruments to respire elven existence into their campaigns.

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Luck capability the elf creates a meal appropriate for one Medium or smaller creature. making a magical meal for a wide or greater creature raises the DC of the occupation (cook) through five for every dimension classification above Medium and doubles the variety of nutrients components used. the 1st creature to consume a mystical meal earnings the good thing about its magic; sharing plates doesn't have an effect on a number of diners irrespective of how the parts are divided. pattern Magic meals Magical nutrition by no means spoils below basic stipulations. until another way acknowledged, eating any of those nutrition is a full-round motion that provokes an assault of chance. The indexed costs don't comprise the price of mundane elements (meat, flour, greens, spices, and so on), even though those frequently quantity to not more than five gp for even the main outlandish meal. Buttered Sparrowfish Fillet charisma faint transmutation; CL fifth Slot none; expense 900 gp; Weight 1 lb. Description The sparrowfish is a bland-tasting swimmer local to the rivers and streams of Kyonin, remarkable generally for its very good velocity and its skill to jump out of the water and onto low-hanging tree limbs to prevent predators. Its meat is the colour of salmon and within reason tasty while ready with butter, herbs, and salt; it's best eaten clean, but when appropriately dried after cooking, it keeps its taste even if eaten chilly or reheated. consuming the paranormal fillet supplies a +10 competence bonus on stability, Climb, and Swim exams for 1 hour. development standards Brew Potion, career (cook) five ranks, author should have five ranks in stability, Climb, and Swim; rate 450 gp, 36 XP 26 MAGIC Cheya Dumplings air of mystery average transmutation; CL tenth Slot none; expense three hundred gp; Weight 1 lb. again from the useless, you need to be allowed to die while the soup’s energy ends. each one meal of newlife soup can basically deliver you again from the useless as soon as. Description building Cheya is a smaller, motionless cousin of the murderer vine local to Kyonin (some elves think that the competitive cellular murderer vine crops are the results of a cheya cultivating program). ordinarily risk free other than to tiny animals, a few elves domesticate cheya for its roots, leaves, and berries. The roots are beaten right into a paste and combined with water or milk to make dough, full of diced cheya leaves, then boiled or baked, usually crowned with candy jelly made up of cheya berries. Hearty, pleasant, and conveyable, the dumplings are first-class applicants for magical augmentation. a standard cheya dumpling delivers a +2 enhancement bonus to structure for 1 hour, even though different kinds may perhaps improve different skill rankings. requisites Brew Potion, career (cook) five ranks, increase useless or resurrection; expense 750 gp, 60 XP building necessities Brew Potion, career (cook) five ranks, bear’s persistence; expense a hundred and fifty gp, 12 XP Snowberry hearth Peppers charisma faint abjuration; CL sixth Slot none; expense six hundred gp; Weight 1 lb. Description Crisp and creamy white berries spill out from the inner of this starkly pink, teardrop-shaped pepper.

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