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  • Monsters and pitfalls status among you and your future? conquer the demanding situations of any destroy, crypt, or fortress with Pathfinder participant spouse: Dungeoneer's Handbook. This player-focused advisor to deadly lairs and trap-ladden labyrinths unearths a wealth of specialist techniques and survival options to beat the hazards of any dungeon. Get built with really good dungeoneering apparatus, research what to observe for with profiles at the commonest traps and risks, by no means be ambushed back with crafty archetypes and sophistication recommendations, and be ready for any risk with a bunch of latest spells, magic goods, and extra! Golarion's greaterst explorers additionally show their so much bold exploits, creative innovations, and the tales at the back of the interior Sea region's so much notorious dungeons — let alone the wonderful treasures that look ahead to inside. Head into the dungeon with Pathfinder participant better half: Dungeoneer's Handbook and no matter what you discover inside of will not stand a chance.

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