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How does an item persist via switch? How can a booklet, for instance, open within the morning and close within the afternoon, persist via a transformation that comprises the incompatible homes of being open and being close? The target of this reader is to notify and reframe the philosophical debate round endurance; it provides influential debts of the matter that variety from vintage papers by means of W. V. O. Quine, David Lewis, and Judith Jarvis Thomson to contemporary paintings through modern philosophers. The authors tackle the query of endurance by way of analyzing 3 extensive methods: perdurantism, which holds that fluctuate over the years is similar to alter over area; exdurantism, in response to which identification over the years is comparable to identification throughout attainable worlds; and endurantism, which holds that standard gadgets persist by way of enduring. every one of those methods seems to be coherent, yet each one additionally has its personal metaphysical difficulties. endurance comprises papers that argue for perdurantism, exdurantism, or endurantism, in addition to papers that discover a few metaphysical problems demanding each one account. during this approach the gathering permits readers to stability the trade-offs of every strategy by way of intuitiveness, theoretical popularity, and elegance.Contributors:Yuri Balashov, William Carter, Graeme Forbes, Sally Haslanger, Katherine Hawley, H. S. Hestevold, Mark Hinchliffe, Mark Johnston, Roxanne Marie Kurtz, David okay. Lewis, Ned Markosian, D. H. Mellor, W. V. O. Quine, Theodore Sider, Richard Taylor, Judith Jarvis Thomson, Peter van Inwagen, Dean Zimmerman

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