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The Russian Revolution of 1917 remodeled the face of the Russian empire, politically, economically, socially, and culturally, and likewise profoundly affected the process international historical past for the remainder of the 20 th century. Now, to mark the centenary of this epochal occasion, historian Steve Smith offers a wide ranging account of the historical past of the Russian empire, from the final years of the 19th century, during the First international battle and the revolutions of 1917 and the institution of the Bolshevik regime, to the tip of the Nineteen Twenties, while Stalin concurrently unleashed violent collectivization of agriculture and crash industrialization upon Russian society.

Drawing on contemporary archivally-based scholarship, Russia in Revolution will pay specific awareness to the various impression of the Revolution at the a variety of teams that made up society: peasants, employees, non-Russian nationalities, the military, girls and the relations, youth, and the Church.

In doing so, it presents a clean means into the large, perennial questions about the Revolution and its outcomes: why did the test by way of the tsarist executive to enforce political reform after the 1905 Revolution fail; why did the 1st international warfare result in the cave in of the tsarist procedure; why did the try and create a democratic procedure after the February Revolution of 1917 no longer get off the floor; why did the Bolsheviks reach seizing and protecting directly to strength; why did they arrive out triumphant from a punishing civil struggle; why did the hot monetary coverage they brought in 1921 fail; and why did Stalin pop out on best within the strength fight contained in the Bolshevik occasion after Lenin's dying in 1924.

A ultimate bankruptcy then displays at the greater value of 1917 for the heritage of the 20 th century - and, for all its bad flaws, what the promise of the Revolution may well suggest for us today.

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