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By Mark Galeotti

Featuring particularly drawn full-color mapping and drawing upon a variety of assets, this succinct account explains the origins, heritage and effects of Russia's wars in Chechnya, thereby laying off new mild at the heritage - and clients - of that bothered region.

Mark Galeotti, knowledgeable at the clash, strains the development of the wars, from the preliminary Russian increase via to city battles corresponding to Grozny, and the lengthy guerrilla struggle established within the mountainous areas that's universal to either wars. He assesses how the wars have torn aside the cloth of Chechen society and their impression on Russia itself, the place they've got stimulated presidential elections and widened the gulf among the army and the remainder of society. those have been savage conflicts which mixed at varied instances the features of an imperial battle, a civil battle and a terrorist crusade. the wealthy culture of banditry in Chechnya, exemplified via the disproportionately huge numbers of Chechens within the Spetsnaz detailed forces, gave the clash its specific personality, as did the regular shift from the preliminary nationalism to being encouraged through a much wider Islamic jihad.

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