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By Robert J. Schwalb, Owen K. C. Stephens

Given that 1984, readers internationally have the exploits of Glen Cook's black corporation. Croaker, woman, Murgen, One-Eye, Goblin, and a forged of millions have lived and died because the fierce mercenaries of the Black Compnay have fought, tricked, and - whilst helpful, fled from - huge armies, robust wizards, and twisted creatures from different worlds. The Black corporation have toppled international locations and dynasties, battled the awful Dominator and his Ten Who have been Taken, confronted the insidious Shadowmasters, and extra. all this as they traversed the realm, looking inexorably for his or her element of foundation: Khatovar, the mysterious birthplace of all of the loose businesses. Now, for the 1st time, the realm of the Black corporation is yours to discover. The Black corporation crusade surroundings offers every little thing you want to stroll within the Black Company's footsteps, detailing the realm, characters, threats, and the entire d20 online game mechanics had to carry it to existence! within this large time you can find: a whole assessment of the novels, detailing the Black Company's historical past less than the management of the Captain, Lieutenant, Croaker, girl, Murgen, Sleepy and Suvrin. A geographical assessment, highlighting and detailing important environment info. All new principles for outlining personality backgrounds from clergymen to harlots. New periods just like the Academician, Scout, and Zealot, with tailored sessions from the d20 approach just like the berserker, thief, and wizard, converted to exploit the particular ideas awarded during this ebook and entirely assisting the epic point principles. fresh abilities like Command, Magic Use, and study. Dozens of recent Feats, similar to Bushwhack, Vicious, and the Ritual of Taking. whole wrestle structures for fights on the characters scale, mass wrestle among devices, and quickly solution army-scale wrestle. An all-new freeform magic process to recreate the world-shaking spells utilized by the 10 Who have been Taken or the extra modest arcane efforts of the Black corporation wizards. New status periods, just like the Oracle, Topkick and nice normal. version principles for development and retaining your personal mercenary businesses, sanity, and magic. hundreds crusade types and crusade sparks to construct your individual Black corporation tales. an entire bestiary of the monsters from the books, together with the awe-inspiring windwhales, the terrible shadows from the obvious of Glittering Stone, and the dad or mum dragon sound asleep earlier than the Barrowlands. video game stats for all of you favourite characters, overlaying every body from Wheezer and Pawnbroker to Soulcatcher and the Dominator! an entire index of the Black corporation participants pointed out within the books. no matter if you are a fan of the novels or a gamer hungry for a true style of blood and guts on your d20 video games, The Black corporation crusade environment promises every thing you must kick commence a special and interesting saga - one in contrast to something you will have skilled prior to. You larger prepare, 'cause the Black Compnay's recruiting - and they are searching for YOU! calls for using the Dungeons & Dragons Player's instruction manual, released via Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This product makes use of up-to-date fabric from the v. 3.5 revision.

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