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Download E-books The Dark Eye – Game Master’s Screen & Tavern Guide PDF

By Thomas Roy Craig, Gudrun Schürer, Alex Spohr, Jens Ullrich

Your days of looking through huge tomes are over!

the sport Master’s monitor places all the darkish Eye’s vital tables and charts correct at your fingertips. This four-panel GM display offers precise summaries of ability use, strive against, magic, and miracles, this means that much less time searching for ideas and extra time having fun with the game.

the sport Master’s monitor encompasses a 48-page Tavern Play relief with principles for well known tavern video games, caliber of products, and pub brawls, new concentration principles for the consequences of Aventurian beverages, and tables for developing specific taverns―everything you must upload vibrant and exciting information in your tavern encounters.

This play reduction positive factors 3 instance Aventurian resorts and taverns:

• The Krakenking, the seediest tavern in Havena
• The Hearthfire, a hospitable method station at the Realmroad
• The Roundwheel, a sumptuous inn within the middle of the town of Punin

each one instance encompasses a complete colour map and exact descriptions of significant destinations, citizens, and buyers. Use those examples should you desire a new situation quick, or as inspirations for developing your personal taverns and adventures.

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