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By William Z. Foster

Communist celebration and its software. the loads of toilers, ache below the burdens of the predicament, are keenly discontented and wish to discover a manner out in their insupportable scenario. they're alarmed on the intensity, size and normal severity of the drawback. they start to gain that there's whatever rotten in Denmark, that there are primary flaws within the capitalist procedure. Their turning out to be cognizance of this is often additional reinforced as they see the striking upward thrust of Socialism in theS oviet Union. the loads are starting rightly to feel that Communism has a massive message for the human race, they usually need to know what it truly is. Capitalism is deeply nervous that the loads don't get this message. for that reason, from the outset it has carried on a crusade of falsification of the Russian revolution totally with no parallel in heritage. there was a veritable ocean of lies within the capitalist press opposed to the U.S.S.R.
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